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Emily was my freshman year roommate. Before I moved to Baylor, I looked her up on every social media site possible, admittedly scared that my future roommate would be someone I would not get along with.

Her pictures did not represent the person I met the first day of freshman year. I expected Emily to be quiet and opinionated (sorry), and although she can be quiet, she was anything but whenever we got to know each other.

I have vivid memories of me crocheting and Emily playing violin on a Saturday night instead of participating in crazy college activities. Twerking in our dorm room with the door open (and on the walls of our dorm). Installing the carpet that kept us warm during the winter. Fighting off ants that invaded our peanut butter.

Although I am a pretty agreeable person, I didn't have to try to get along with Emily. I just did. She's one of the sweetest, most honest, true-to-herself people I've ever met. She doesn't take bullshit and she is feminist AF. She knows what she deserves, she knows what she aspires to be, and she ignores what the world tells her and goes after what she knows is right.

I'm so glad I had a roommate like her. Long live the 337, and New Girl marathons, and watching (500) Days of Summer 500 times.

Check out the rest of her pictures here.

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