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Julie, Depression, & Memes | Out of the Shadows

I asked Julie if she could describe herself in five words. Her response: “I am a walking meme."

Julie is the definition of sunshine. She tells the best jokes, and always finds a way to bring light into other’s lives even when she can’t see the light herself.

“I was a miracle baby. My parents weren’t able to have kids, but then I came along. I don’t always feel like that miracle child, though.”

Boy, am I glad this miracle baby came along, even if she isn’t. Since a young age, Julie has struggled with multiple physical and mental illnesses.

“I remember being 9 years old and telling my mom I wanted to die.”

Can you imagine? Being so young and already so tired of life? Julie’s battle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other physical ailments have constantly left her at war with herself.

“I use humor to cope a lot.”

Dealing with mental illnesses is hard, and often leaves you feeling alone…especially because mental illnesses aren’t really a common dinner topic. It’s hard to open up. It’s hard to find a solid support

system. But when that happens, boy does it feel good.

“It’s definitely gotten better since coming to college. I’m not consistently around the people or places that cause me to be bad. And I have really great friends and great supports here.”

In such a broken world, I’ve always wondered; why do people have to struggle with depression? While some believe that depression is fleeting and that depression is something that can always be cured, sometimes we need to remember—that’s not always the way it works. Sometimes it’s always there. Sometimes it changes who you are.

“If I could talk to someone who doesn’t deal with depression, I would tell them that it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. It also helps me understand people better. You hear them at a deeper level. You empathize with their struggles more. But in the end, it’s made me who I am today.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Julie. You are loved.

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